Member Services Includes

  • Seamless integration and collaboration of primary care and gynecology, delivering comprehensive healthcare services all under one roof
  • A physician with full hospital privileges will be on call for you
  • Prompt and direct access to a physician 24/7 through cell phone, text messaging, or email to discuss medical concerns
  • Extended appointment times
  • In office lab draws at your convenience
  • Same day or next day office visits with minimal waiting time
  • Assistance and coordination of imaging services
  • Opportunity to address multiple concerns during a single visit in a relaxed and unhurried environment
  • In office ultrasound to evaluate the uterus and ovaries
  • Immediate consultation for illness and on-site testing for urinary tract infections, influenza and COVID-19
  • Supporting and facilitating medication approval by assisting with authorizations
  • Access to a devoted team of female specialists at Vero Women’s Care, including pelvic floor physical therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition consultations, and discounted aesthetics

Membership Services for Vero Women’s Care

Primary Care and Gynecology


Gynecology only

Referrals: We do offer a traditional care model for gynecologic referrals with Dr. Bruce and Dr. Crawford. This type of referral was designed to address acute gynecological concerns, not routine gynecological care. If you are having a gynecological problem, ask your physician to place a referral to Vero Women’s Care. Once the referral has been received you will be contacted promptly to schedule an appointment. We are credentialed with most major insurances for this reason.

This option was designed to curtail unnecessary urgent care and emergency room visits and decrease the long wait times for acute gynecological care. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Crawford will see patients for gynecological problems that may need follow up in the office or operating room. We will then refer the patients back to the referring provider for continued routine care.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information please contact us at

772-258-4210 or email us at [email protected]

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