Frequently asked questions

What is Concierge Care?Concierge care allows patients to have additional benefits not found in a standard traditional practice. Some of these benefits include easy access with direct physician communication, extended office visits, prompt scheduling and reduced waiting time and extended coordination of care.

What is a hybrid concierge practice versus direct care concierge practice? A “hybrid concierge medical practice” is credentialed with insurance and utilizes a patient’s medical insurance.  This allows the physician to order and perform labs, radiology tests, and procedures while charging their insurance.  It also can help lower the overall cost of concierge care to the patient.  A "direct care concierge practice" is not credentialed with insurance companies.

How does Concierge medicine differ from a traditional insurance-based practice?Concierge medicine puts the focus back on the patient/physician relationship. Vero Women’s Care has a limited number of patients within its practice, so the providers can focus more attention on each individual person.

Do I still need insurance?Yes. It’s very important to maintain insurance and/or Medicare to cover your healthcare needs.

Do you bill insurance?Yes. Our practice is designed to give you comprehensive individualized care. We will continue to bill your insurance for standard services provided.

What if I have insurance or Medicare?You are allowed to see a concierge care physician if you have private insurance or Medicare. The additional membership fee provides an array of enhanced services not found in a standard practice.

Can I see the providers as often as I want?Yes, with the concierge care model, you can schedule appointments with Dr. Bruce, Dr. Crawford, Dr. Namvar, or Meredith Kitchell as often as you need.

What hospital privileges do the providers have and what happens if I am hospitalized?Dr. Bruce and Dr. Crawford have full hospital gynecological privileges and specialize in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, including robotic surgery. These hospital privileges are at Sebastian River Medical Center and Indian River Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

It is our hope you will not need to be hospitalized but in the event you are hospitalized for a non-gynecological issue, we will communicate with the hospitalist and/or other physicians involved in your care and review your plan of care as well as communicate with you and your family directly. Hospitalizations are stressful and can be confusing, therefore, we will make every effort to help you navigate through this complex healthcare system. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Crawford will act as your health care advocate and directly communicate with you and your loved ones.

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